History Happens at Firs Farm Primary School!

Vibrant and inclusive learning is at the heart of the History Curriculum and the evidence for this is how much our children love History lessons. Our commitment to diversity and British Values is also evident as we take many opportunities to extend our provision – celebrating 800 years of Magna Carta in 2015 and the Queen’s 90th birthday in 2016. Our Black History focus in 2015 was making traditional tribal masks from Nigeria and South Africa. In 2016 we focused on the benefits of Fairtrade produce for child farm labourers around the world.


The Queen’s 90th Birthday Bake off


Our reception children enjoy investigating “retro” toys, comparing old and new telephones and contrasting modern and historical fire engines. With a series of focused tasks, starting with their own families, they develop skills of sequencing and begin to place events on a timeline.


From Years 1 to 6, our children make an in depth study of three History topics in each year, comprehensively covering the National Curriculum. A typical half term scheme will include children asking questions (enquiry), children answering questions (reading and research), artefact handling, practical investigations and discussions. In Key Stage 2 children will also write at length about History. Planning, teaching and learning and the children’s work are regularly monitored and compared with Age Related Expectations in History.


Many cross curriculum links are made, for example writing a diary about finding the tomb of Tutankhamun in Literacy in Year 4 and making fajitas as part of our study of the Ancient Mayan civilisation in Year 6.


Our well behaved children shine when we go on trips to learn more about History. Annual features include Year 1 visiting The Museum of Childhood, Year 3 using public transport to visit Forty Hall to learn about life in 17th century Enfield, Year 5 visiting the National Gallery to study the great paintings of the Ancient Greek myths and Year 6 touring Alexander Palace to learn about Victorian and 20th century leisure and entertainment. Meanwhile, we often have themed days as part of a topic – it’s quite an experience to turn a corner in our school and find yourself in front of a line of 90 Ancient Egyptians! Parents are welcome at these special days – come along to help Year 1 put out the Great Fire of London! In the near future we hope to add “Living History” to enhance some of our topics by inviting parents and grandparents to share their memories of 20th Century events.

Did you know? The earliest TV cameras recorded the image upside down! Year 6 are 1930’s cameramen and women.


All of this is illustrated and underlined by stunning displays around the school and the many exciting class assemblies which enable the children to share their learning with the school and their families.


Year 3 demonstrate to the school and parents how to cook in the Stone Age

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