Red Class – 25 May 2018



Red Class have been having a great time this half term. The weather has been brilliant so the children have been outside exploring lots of new and exciting activities. We have improved our writing area outside so there are lots of different ways to mark make, using chalk, felt pens and painting for example. In particular the children enjoyed spraying the fence with coloured water and then using a paint brush to paint the water onto the fence.


Children in Red Class really enjoy construction and are very good at working together cooperatively to build. Some children will draw a plan on a whiteboard outside while others put the blocks together to construct a secret hideout.


Inside the classroom the children have been working hard and we can really see the progress they have made in their writing and number skills. They enjoy sitting together at the writing table making booklets and talking about what they are doing.


The highlight of the term was preparing for the Royal Wedding with an all day celebration on the Friday. The children spent the morning making cheese and cucumber sandwiches, decorating biscuits and making flags. Then in the afternoon they had their picnic on the field with the rest of the school and performed a dance to the song ‘Be My Guest’ from Beauty and the Beast.