Year 6 – 23 March 2018



Mayans Workshop


To conclude their learning on the Mayans, Year 6 were treated to a fantastic workshop by specialist teaching company Mexicolore.


The children (and their teachers and TAs!) were thrilled by the unique combination of music, dance, drama and audio-visual media, which brought the Mayan culture to life in a magical way.


Mr Ian Mursell and his granddaughter, Joanna, who led the workshop, had an impressive collection of artefacts with them and children were given the opportunity to handle them and to try on Mayan costumes as well. The workshop culminated in an authentic Mayan rubber ball game, performed in front of Year 6 parents. Kiana, in 6M, said: “The morning was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed learning the Mayan games and chants.


The workshop was particularly good because the teachers knew a lot about Mayan culture.”