Red Class – 11 May 2018



In Red Class after a change around of a couple of areas in the classroom the children have been ignoring gender stereotypes.


The boys have been enjoying the new position of the writing table by the window, although we usually have only four children at the writing table, with so many boys wanting to join and write out the tricky words stuck on the window I couldn’t say no! We ended up with six writers eagerly writing away.


The new position of the reading corner now includes a pirate’s ship (or large cardboard box) for children to sit in and curl up with a pillow and a book. This has led to some very lovely quiet reading. Some of the boys were found all huddled together enjoying reading a book and talking about it together. We have created a few story baskets so that children can have props to act out a story as they are reading.


Meanwhile, outdoors the girls have been getting more into construction and really enjoying using the large blocks to create a den for themselves.


We are still having fun and being creative and the children have been doing lots of activities related to The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This includes making paper chain caterpillars, collage caterpillars, finger painting and we are finishing off a large scale life cycle of a butterfly collage to go on display for next week.