Class 2P – 11 May 2018


In 2P we have been taking part in the Daily Mile! Every Friday afternoon we go outside with a coach from Tottenham Hotspur and work on our cardio skills. By the end we hope to be able to run the mile without stopping! We really enjoy doing this and it has become the highlight of our Friday afternoons.


“It’s fun because we get to play games!” Omari


“I like it because we get to run and exercise!” Peter


“It helps me to stay healthy” Adriano


“It entertains us on a Friday afternoon” Emilio


“We play games like stuck in the mud. At first everyone runs then the catchers have to catch you. When you get caught you have to stand with your arms open and someone frees you by running under them!” Ela, Louisa, Louise and Meryem


You can find out more about the Daily Mile here

We are one class out of hundreds that are taking part!