Year 4 Roman Day





Last Wednesday 14th March, Year 4 had a “History off the page” – ROMAN DAY.


We had a fabulous day learning about the Romans and experiencing Roman life in lots of different ways.


Luke, who led the day told us many facts and stories about the Romans.


In the morning we all learnt some Roman crafts and made lavender bags, pottery pots, mosaic tiles, oil lamps out of olives, charm bracelets and badges for the Gods to protect us. We drew and painted with a variety of media too. We also visited the doctor who gave us some natural remedies for all sorts of ailments.


In the afternoon we experienced a Roman banquet with Roman plays acted by the children to entertain us, and slaves served us food and wine! Some Roman’s entertained us with dancing too– luckily not in the nude! We saw a soldier’s parade and learnt about the Roman soldiers and how they formed a “tortoise” formation for protection when fighting and guarding their territories.


We all dressed up as Romans (even the teachers and adult helpers) and had a fabulous day!