Red Class – 9 March 2018


The children of Red Class have been up to so many exciting things, particularly with Book Week taking place.


Our topic of ‘People who help us’ involves learning about different people who help us each week. The children have learnt all about what a Police Officer does and enjoyed making Police Officer badges so that they could look out for other children in the classroom.


Our role play area has been transformed into a Vet Surgery and the children are really enjoying taking the different animals to the vet and finding out what is wrong with them. They have been using the stethoscope to listen to their heart beat and bandaging up the animals’ paws.


We have a few different stations to focus on phonics and letters in the classroom. Some of the children have been matching lower case and upper case letters, whilst other activities involve sorting real and nonsense words.


In Maths we have been learning about capacity and the children have been filling different size containers with water and other materials such as rice. They then describe is the container is empty, full or half full.


Finally, we value reading in Reception and the children do also enjoy getting cosy in the book corner and reading stories and rhymes to each other. How lovely!