Class 4WS – 2nd February 2018



In year 4, we are currently (no pun intended) learning about electricity.


We have been making circuits and thinking about why certain arrangements of the equipment means that light bulbs, motors and buzzers work but others don’t.


We have discussed positive and negative terminals, complete circuits and short circuits. Towards the end of this unit, we will be testing different materials to see which conduct electricity and which do not.


Today, we realised that the plastic on the bulb holders doesn’t conduct electricity but that the metal screws do!



4WS have been practicing converting measurements of length.


To help us, we’ve come up with physical ways to represent millimetres, centimetres and metres.


Emilia is showing what a metre looks like, Zayna is showing what a centimetre looks like and David is showing what a millimetre looks like.