Yellow Class 19 January 2018


The children in Yellow class, have been busy role playing in their Superhero Headquarters! There has been plenty of dressing up and crimes being solved. The children have loved reading many different Superhero books; such as Charlie’s Superhero Underpants. We have been writing for many different purposes; a list for a superhero adventure were we discussed the use of bullet points and short phrases.


Our phonics focus has been on new sounds oi, ur, or and being able to write tricky words he, she and you. The children enjoyed timing themselves to see how many tricky words they could read in a minute, it was great fun!


In Maths we have been looking at addition and subtraction sums using the ten frame model to help the children understand it using a more practical approach. Many other activities included the children creating their own superhero watches and using 3D shapes to make shape monsters. The children have enjoyed listening and sharing stories with each other, we were visited by a mystery storyteller one afternoon which was a lovely surprise.


Yellow class have had great fun this week and will finish off with an indoor picnic where they can enjoy the super healthy sandwiches they made for their superhero adventure!