Kenan Aksu


     I feel very privileged to be a Governor at Firs Farm School as this is where many children, including my own, begin their learning journey. I serve on the staffing and curriculum committee and also as the link governor for humanities subjects. 


At Firs Farm the quality of the education provided is certainly outstanding. I became a governor in the hope that I can make a positive contribution to the school, so that it can continue to remain highly successful. Aiming high is a common theme I have noticed at the school when I do regular learning walks and look at books for the areas my role covers.


As a senior teacher, researcher and head of history department, I have spent many years working within the diverse communities of London, observing and being part of the richness these provide to all of our lives. As a forward thinking school, I look forward to being part of the future plans, and hope to be able to bring some of my experience and knowledge from the education sector to Firms Farm School to ensure all of our children have the best possible start in life.


Dr Kenan Aksu