Gymnastics Festival 2017

14 Firs Farm children enjoyed participating in Enfield’s Borough Gymnastics Festival.


Firs Farm were exceptional competitors. They all worked extremely hard to achieve a wonderful sense of pride and competition spirit.


Well done to all of our children who entered. Thank you to all of the parents and carers who supported their children. It was a fantastic experience for all.


Well done to:


Y1/2:  Defne, 1M, Laura, 1SR, Venisha, 2F, Nuria, 2H & Amelia, 2H.

Y3/4: Jake, 3H, Dhilan, 4J, Sophie, 4J, Ava, 4J & Amelia, 4J.

Y5/6: Lily-May, 5H, Isaiah, 5H, Soraya, 5SB & Elyssia, 6SB.